Health Insurance Quotes

Temporary Health Insurance

Are You  in need of a temporary health insurance policy  for 1-12 months?  If so, HCC Medical Life Insurance can offer a job to those between jobs, students in college or those wanting coverage who have not already sined up for the Health Insurance Exchange.   To obtain a quote and enroll for coverage click the link:


On Exchange coverage

Click on the 'Contact Me' button to get a quote for insurance.  In Colorado, there are specific enrollment dates (November 15-February 15) to sin up for the ACA.  Other special enrollment dates are available throughout  the year.  Advanced Premium Tax Credits are available to individuals and families who meet certain income and household sizes.  DATCO Insurance can help you wade through the complex process.  Call me at 1-877-TESITOR or 'contact me'.


Off Exchange

Those who have higher incomes and do not quality for the Advanced Premium Tax Credits can buy insurance outside the Colorado Exchange by going directly to the insurance company.  The ame open enrollment rules apply.


The companies we represent

DATCO represents all Colorado insurance companies doing business on the exchange including"

Anthem Blue Cross, United Health Care (and affiliates), Colorado Choice, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Colorado HealthOp, Access Colorado, Kaiser.