Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

How will the new tax relief act recently passed affect you? Did you know the new limits for retirement? Go to the "Research and Article" sections to learn more, or if you prefer, call me toll free at 1-877-TESITOR. 

Concerns with the Affordable Care Act? (Obama Care).  During open rollment we will be hosting navigation meetings.  Call to find out when?

Concerns with your Medicare Advantage, (Part C), Prescription Plans (Part D) or Medicare supplemental plans?  Open enrollment begins soon so call to set up a time to meet with our officeagents..

Our in office lunch discussion groups are the first Tuesday of every month.  

Looking Ahead:

My general plans are to be in Denver as needed to meet with clients.  I will be be in my Trinidad office every Thursday. Please call if you need to arrange a time.

Please call to R.S.V.P. appointments or lunch meetings. I may be reached at 719-738-6830 from Walsenburg, or 1-877 TESITOR or 1-877 738-6830 from outside the area or go to the "Contact Us" section and e-mail your reservation. Appointments are open to existing and prospective clients.